Mobile Test System
MASA's new Mobile Test System allows the team to test an engine or launch a rocket anywhere. It's made up of two main components: the Mission Control trailer and the GSE trailer.

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Mission Control Trailer
The Bünkerwagen
The Bünkerwagen is MASA's 28 ft. mission control trailer. It's sized to be long enough to transport our fully-assembled rocket or the GSE trailer on long trips, and contains a fully-equipped command center with an audiovisual system, a radio tower for rocket telemetry and pad communications, workbenches, and toolchests. It also serves a dual role as a mobile workspace and somewhat-cleanroom to prepare the system before a test or launch!
GSE Trailer
The MASA GSE trailer is a single, mobile unit containing all of the ground support equipment needed to autonomously and remotely fill, pressurize, monitor, and control our fuel, oxidizer, and pressurant tanks. Among other features, it carries a helium gas pressure boosting system, liquid oxygen fill system, avionics cabinet with our control, monitoring, and data acquisition hardware, wireless network link, camera system, and of course a series of manifolded tanks!

"Junior" is intended to be modular, reliable, and highly mobile, so that it can be assembled and verified at our workspace before being used in the field. As a bonus, the large liquid oxygen tank stand folds down flat so that the GSE trailer can be transported inside of our larger trailer for long-distance trips.

IP Camera System
MASA keeps eyes on all critical components of our system at all times during a test, using high-resolution IP cameras from 123CCTV. Reliability is key, so MASA depends on features of the cameras such as night vision, local footage backup to on-camera SD cards, and IP67 weatherproofing. The camera signal is fed to operators at mission control up to 1.4 miles away using a point-to-point network link.

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