Tangerine Space Machine
Winner of first place in Phase 1 and second place in Phase 2 of the Base 11 Space Challenge. TSM never flew, due to competition closures.

Peak Mach №
MSL Thrust
Payload to Space

America's most powerful student-built rocket.

Tangerine Space Machine was a single-stage, hypersonic, space-capable suborbital rocket designed by MASA. Its goal: to be the first collegiate liquid-bipropellant rocket to launch to space. TSM was a pressure-fed kerolox system which features a welded aluminum airframe & advanced avionics and is designed for full parachute recovery. Due to competition closures, TSM never flew.
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Tangerine Space Machine

Vehicle Overview

Target Apogee400,000 ft / 120 km
Weight at Launch1,400 lbs / 635 kg
Flight Duration6.5 minutes / 390 seconds
Burn Duration42 seconds
MSL Thrust4,070 lbf / 18 kN
Max Speed3,200 mph / 1430 m/s
Nosecone & Parachutes
Helium COPV
LOx Tank
RP-1 Tank
RP-D2 Engine
Rocket Engines
RP-D2 Flight Engine
PT-163 Experimental Engine

RP-D2 is the second rocket engine to be developed by MASA for the TSM program, and MASA's first partially titanium engine. Set to make its way to the test stand in mid-2021, it uses rocket-grade kerosene (RP-1) and cryogenic liquid oxygen (LOx) as propellants in a helium pressure-fed cycle. When complete, this will be the most powerful liquid rocket engine ever built and tested by a US team, eclipsing the current record holder, MASA's PT-163.

MSL Thrust4,070 lbf / 18 kN
Engine Weight33 lbs / 15 kg
Thrust/Weight Ratio124
O/F Ratio2.1
Burn Duration42 seconds

PT-163 is an experimental liquid bipropellant rocket engine developed by MASA as a testbed for advanced technologies critical to the design of RP-D2. The engine uses ethanol and cryogenic liquid oxygen (LOx) as propellants in a helium pressure-fed cycle, and is designed to be fast and inexpensive to manufacture.

On 2-22-2020, PT-163 became the most powerful liquid rocket engine ever built & tested by students when it achieved 2650 lbf (12 kN) of thrust in a blowdown hotfire.

Watch Record-Breaking Hotfire of PT-163
MASA's third hotfire of liquid engine "PT-163" which broke liquid engine collegiate thrust records. [Recorded Livestream]
RP-D2 Engine
Ground Support Equipment (GSE) during a hotfire of PT-163
Engine Controller
Liquid Nitrogen Dewar
Cryogenic Fill System
High-pressure Helium