MASA is an interdisciplinary team comprised of graduate & undergraduate students from a dozen different majors. It is made up of different subteams, including aerodynamics, propulsion, ATLO, avionics, structures, business, and production.
MASA Propulsion is responsible for the design and specifications of propellant valves, the rocket engine, and associated hardware. The subteam also works with other subteams to determine overall rocket architecture and to ensure all the hardware works together as designed. Every time an engine is tested, Propulsion subteam members get to see their work come to life!

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MASA Structures designs, builds and tests structural hardware for both the rocket and ground support equipment. The subteam is responsible for propellant tanks, airframe sections and for any and all mounting hardware critical to rocket integration. Structures makes the biggest components on TSM, and is also the team's knowledge-center for full-vehicle structural analysis.

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Aerodynamics & Recovery
MASA Aerodynamics & Recovery is responsible for the design of rocket aerodynamic surfaces such as the fins and nosecone and for the design of the rocket recovery (parachute) system. The subteam also handles flight simulations and development of MASTRAN, MASA's in-house advanced 6-DOF flight simulation software. These tell the team how the rocket will behave in the air. Finally, A&R is the team's knowledge-center for the design and construction of high-tech composite components.

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MASA Avionics is responsible for the conception, fabrication, and programming of all flight-critical electrical systems including flight & engine controllers, testing & sensor boards, telemetry systems, and wire harnesses. MASA Avionics works closely with ATLO and other subteams to develop data acquisition systems for major test events.

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Assembly, Test & Launch Operations (ATLO)
ATLO is responsible for planning and ensuring that major test events are carried out successfully, and for all of the fluids systems on TSM. This includes working closely with MASA Propulsion on coordinating engine static fire tests in addition to subsystem testing such as actuation of valves and hydrostatic testing of propellant tanks.

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MASA Production is responsible for turning the designs that the team creates into real parts and emphasizes manufacturing principles in design. MASA Production encourages the exploration of alternative manufacturing techniques and strives to build most of its hardware in-house. Nevertheless, it recognizes the expertise of its industry partners as MASA's operations grow in scale and ambition.

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Business Development
MASA Business is responsible MASA's brand, for external communications through this website, our newsletter, or social media, and for ensuring that MASA has the resources it needs to continue building rockets. This means establishing and maintaining relationships with our sponsors, donors, and industry mentors.

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