MASA prides itself on designing, manufacturing, and testing almost all of its components in-house. Browse MASA's fabrication and testing facilities below.
MASA Workspace
Located in the GFL Building, the MASA Workspace is where MASA does most of its smaller design and assembly work. It is only a short walk away from the Wilson Student Team Project Center (WSTPC) and across from the FXB Aerospace Engineering building. MASA holds some of its meetings and works on its smaller components, such as electronics and plumbing systems here.

Wilson Student Team Project Center
The 20,000-square-foot Wilson Student Team Project Center (WSTPC) is a $10-million production and assembly facility in the GFL building and is MASA's primary manufacturing space. It includes work areas, a machine shop, paint studio, and MASA's materials storage cage. The Wilson Center is open for students to use 24/7. Only basic training is required for students to gain access to the center.

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WSTPC Machine Shop
The WSTPC Machine Shop, located in the Wilson Student Team Project Center, is where MASA does most of its manual and CNC machining. The facility includes manual and CNC mills and lathes as well as larger HAAS CNC mills.
WSTPC Wetlab
Located inside the Wilson Student Team Project Center, the Wetlab is used by MASA as a cleanroom for preparing and assembling LOx-cleaned components as well as for preparing solid rocket motors.
MASA Rocket Propulsion Testing Facility

Located close to campus on Green Road, the MASA "bunker" is a secluded test facility equipped for static fires of high-power liquid, hybrid, and solid rocket engines. MASA has operated and continually upgraded the site for many years and has tested countless rocket engines at the site.

Safely Monitoring and Testing our Rocket Engine

At MASA, we have been working hard to manufacture and test our experimental liquid rocket engine, and have designed our ground support equipment to accommodate increasingly complicated hardware. Critical to keeping test personnel and sensitive hardware safe is the capability to remotely operate and monitor all the systems in our test cell.

To this end, we’re adopting a new live security camera system made possible by the expertise of CCTV Camera World. We are using high frame rate IP cameras and 4k security cameras with audio. These allow us to not only record and monitor our tests, but also to reliably stream them at higher qualities and from more angles than ever before, while being able to safely operate them from Mission Control.

We are confident that the footage we capture will allow us to continue to promote rocketry and space exploration among the engineering community!