Clementine is MASA's newest single-stage sounding rocket. It utilized groundbreaking technologies including seam-welded propellant tanks, a regeneratively-cooled engine, live in-flight telementry, and full-parachute recovery.

America's largest student-built rocket.

Clementine is MASA's newest single-stage sounding rocket. Clementine utilized a pressure-fed kerolox system and features seam-welded stainless steel propellant tanks, advanced custom avionics, composite aerostructures, a regeneratively-cooled engine, and much more. It stood over 20' tall and is 10.5" in diameter, making it the largest student-built rocket in the United States.
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Vehicle Overview

Apogee8000 ft
Wet Mass at Launch >450 lbs
Flight Duration40 s
Burn Duration11 s
MSL Thrust >1200 lbf
Nosecone & Parachutes
Helium COPV
LOx Tank
RP-1 Tank
RP-D2 Engine
Rocket Engine
RP-D2 Flight Engine

RP-D2, originally developed by MASA for the TSM program, has been improved and repurposed for the Clementine vehicle. RP-D2 features an inner copper liner, outer aluminum jacket, and a like-doublet injector design. MASA hotfired RP-D2 in July of 2022, proofing the engine for flight.

RP-D2 Engine
Ground Support Equipment (GSE) during a hotfire of PT-163
Engine Controller
Liquid Nitrogen Dewar
Cryogenic Fill System
High-pressure Helium
Launch Gallery